Conservation Reserves

Ropar Wetland Conservation Reserve

This Conservation Reserve is situated in Ropar and is spread over 521.12 Acre of land. This area was declared as Conservation Reserve vide Notification No. 34/10/2017-Ft- 5/1057481/1 dated 5.9.2017 under section 36A of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

: Ropar
: Ropar
: 521.12 Acre
Status of Land
: Government
Important Fauna
​Ropar Wetland Conservation Reserve ​​provides habitat for variety of animals that also include some threatened and endangered species. The kinds of animals which inhabit the Ropar Wetland Conservation Reserve area are represented by a number of mammals, birds, fishes, arthropods, rotiers, crustanceans and protozoan's. Birds such as ruddy shelduck, northern pintail, common teal, mallard, gadwall, Eurasian wigeon etc.  Some main species are Sambhar, Blue Bull, Wild boar, Jackal, Indian Porcupine, Small Indian mongoose, Rufous taild hare, Common Mongoose, Fruit bat, House Rat, Pale hedgehog Jungle cat, Squirrel, Rhesus Monkey, Indian Pangolin, Hog deer.
Important Flora
​The main species are Tectona grandis, Dalbergia sissoo, Typha angustata, Phragmites, Argemone mexicana, Withania somnifera, Acacia, Dalbergia, Delonix, Salix, Syzygium, Ziziphus, Utricularia, Ipomoea, Cyperus, Typha, Phragmites etc.   

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