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Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary

Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary is situated 3 Km from Sangrur city on Sohian Road in District Sangrur. This Sanctuary is spread over 264.40 ha of Government area. The bir area was declared as wildlife sanctuary under the Preservation of Faunae of Patiala Rules, 1896 vide Patiala and East Punjab State Union Government (PEPSU) notification No. F-150/50 dated 28-2-1952. It harbours wildlife species like Blue Bull, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Rhesus Monkey, Peafowl, Black and Grey Partridges, Hare, Spotted owlet etc.

: Sangrur
: 3 Km from Sangrur on Sohian Road
: 264.40 hectare
Status of Land
: Government
Important Fauna
Main wildlife species found in the sanctuary are Blue bull, Jungle cat, Jackal, Rhesus Monkeys, Peafowl, Black and Grey Partridges, Hare, Spotted owlet etc.
Important Flora
As per forest classification of Champion and Seth, the forests in the sanctuary falls under the sub- group 5(B) Northern Tropical Dry Mixed deciduous forest type. The main tree species are Kikkar, Eucalyptus, Phalahi, Jamun, Beri, Mulberry, Dek, Mesquite etc.

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