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Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is located 8 km. from Abohar city in district Ferozepur. This Sanctuary is famous for Black Buck and covers an area of 46513 Acres. The entire area of Sanctuary is private or community owned land of 13 Bishnoi villages. This Sanctuary was first declared as Wildlife Sanctuary vide Punjab Government notification No.1914-Ft.III.75/24839 Dated 27.08.1075 for fiv years and again vide No. 34(22) Ft IV-80/6398 dated 01-06-1993 for five years and again vide No. 40/4/98-Ft-IV/10595 dated 20-8-98 for a period of five years and final notification was issued vide Punjab Government No. 40/4/98-Ft-IV/11505 dated 07.9.2000. Black Buck and Blue are the main wildlife species found in this sanctuary area.

: Fazilka
: Tehsil Abohar, 8 Km from Abohar City.
: 46513 Acres
Status of Land
: Private Land of 13 Bishnoi’s Villages
Important Fauna

Main wildlife species found in the sanctuary are Black buck and Blue bull.

Important Flora

As per forest classification the sanctuary falls under the Arid to semi-arid type. The main tree species are A. tortilis, Albizia lebbeck, Azadirachata indica, Dalbergia sissoo, Melia azedarach, Prosopis cineraria and P. juliflora etc.

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