Wildlife has been revered as a tradition in the history of the country. The concept of Wildlife Conservation dates back to the reign of emperor Ashoka whose rock edicts and pillars are strewn all over the country, urging us to have love and friendship for all creatures.India is unique in terms of biological diversity due to its unique biogeographical location, diversified climatic condition and enormous ecodiversity and geodiversity. India ranks 8th in the list contributing 10% to the world’s Biological Diversity.

Wild… Wild…. Punjab

Punjab, the ‘land of five rivers’ is a relatively small state of India occupying an area of 50,362 Sq.Km. It is located in the north western part of India between 29º30’ and 32º32’ North latitude 73º55’ and 76º50’ East longitude. Situated between river Ravi in the North-West and Ghaggar in the east, Punjab shares its boundaries with Jammu & Kashmir in the North, Himachal Pradesh in the North-East and Haryana and Rajasthan to its South. The state also shares a 300 km long international border with Pakistan on the western side.

Broadly the State can be classified in to three geographic zones.
  1. Submountaneous Shiwaliks
  2. Central and Eastern Alluvial Plains
  3. Western Arid Plains
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