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Harike Wildlife Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is located at a distance of 58 km. from Amritsar on Kot Isa Khan- Harike Road. This Sanctuary is spread over 8,600.00 ha of Government area that falls in Ferozepur, Taran Tarn and Kapurthala Districts. Harike pond area was declared as Wildlife Sanctuary vide Punjab Government Notification No.34(21)92 Ft-IV/10818 dated 8.9.1992 for a period of 10 years and final Notification was issued vide Punjab Government No. 34/7/99-Ft-IV/16393 dt. 18.11.1999. The sanctuary attracts large number of migratory birds during the winter months. Important species of birds like Large Cormorant, Darter, Purple Moorhen, Bar-headed Goose, Pintail, Common Teal, Pigeon, Shoveller, Common Pochard, Red Crested Pochard, White eyed Pochard are found in this Sanctuary. Harike Sanctuary is a Ramsar site of International importance declared on 23/03/1990.

: Ferozepur, Tarn Taran and Kapurthala
: 58 km. from Amritsar-Ferozepur Road.
: 8600 Hectares
Status of Land
: Government
Important Fauna

Main wildlife species found in the sanctuary are Large Cormorant, Darter, Purple Moorhen, Bar Headed Goose, Pintail, Common Teal, Shovellor, Common Poachard, Red Crested Poachard, White-eyed Pochard, Indus River Dolphin etc. Recgnised as Ramsar Site and attracts large number of migratory birds during the winter months.

Important Flora

As per forest classification the sanctuary falls under the Northern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest type. The main tree species are Acacia nilotica, Dalbergia sissoo, Eucalyptus sissoo, Albizia lebbeck, Ficus religiosa, Azadirachata indica, Ficus benghalensis, Mangifera indica, Prosopis spicigera etc.

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Harike Wildlife Sanctuary

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