Community Reserves

Keshopur-Miani Community Reserve

Keshopur Miani Community Reserve is situated close to the District town of Gurdaspur and is spread over Panchayat Chhamb area consisting of 340.00 ha (i.e. 850 acres of which 400 acres belong to Miani, 136 acres to village Keshopur, 51 acres of village Matwa, 152 acres of village Dalla and 111 acres of village Magarmudian). This area was declared as Community Reserve vide Punjab Government Notification No. 34/13/2007/Ft.V/6133 dated 25/06/2007. The area is swampy and belongs to Keshopur wetland that is on the verge of extinction. Migratory birds from Central Asia and Siberia visit this area in winter months.

: Gurdaspur
: Gurdaspur
: 340 Hectares
Status of Land
: Panchayat Land
Important Fauna
Bar Headed Goose, Mallard, Pintail, Brahminy Duck, Gadwall, Shovellor, Spotbill, Black Ibis, white eyed Pochard, Common Teal, Blue winged Teal, Gull, Jack Snipe, Fantail Snipe.
Important Flora
There are miscellaneous trees such as Mango and Neem in an isolated manner. The wetland is endowed with Lotus, Saccarum offixinalis, S. spontaneum and other weeds.

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